Private water kiosks

Discover our new service

Would you like to have a private water kiosk in your condominium

Now it is possible! You just need to make a request to your building manager asking for a water kiosk in the building to be used exclusively by residents.

The dispenser delivers the same healthy and safe water as the aqueduct, just like the water that arrives in your home.  

Thanks to this new service, you can enjoy further benefits:

How does it work?

Each apartment is given a pass which can be used to dispense an unlimited amount of natural water and sparkling water without any restrictions, according to the chosen configuration.

Speak to your building manager, who will be responsible for contacting us and submitting an installation request. 

Learn about the offer

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  • What is included in the service?
  • Water kiosk features
  • Tariffs

The all-inclusive service includes:


  • the supply, installation and activation of the reader with the programming of the passes;


  • rapid response for faults reported through our freephone number which is open 24/7, and WhatsApp and email services;


  • remote monitoring for interventions from a distance;


  • standard monthly maintenance and emergency maintenance, including CO2 replenishment.


Additionally, the monthly analysis of the water quality is included in the service.

Each kiosk is equipped with:

  • automated dispensing, so as not to waste even a drop of water;
  • an antibacterial system and automatic system for cleaning and draining the pumps;
  • a filter system ensuring the quality of the water 24/7;
  • an automatic refrigeration and carbonation system in order to provide cool and sparkling water at all times;
  • remote performance monitoring and fault management, with maintenance included in the service.

Maximum weekly cost of the pass*

  • more than 201 apartments: €1.15
  • between 101 and 201 apartments: €1.25
  • between 71 and 100 apartments: €1.45
  • between 51 and 70 apartments: €1.70
  • between 41 and 50 apartments: €1.90
  • between 31 and 40 apartments: €2.40
  • between 21 and 30 apartments: €3.00
  • up to 20 apartments: €3.50

*Indicative costs calculated on the basis of 2 litres of sparkling water per day for each apartment

The actual cost will be determined according to the number of litres of carbonated water required, the number of subscriptions and the actual cost of the installation.

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