Financial statements

Financial statements and declarations

In this section you can consult our financial statements and non-financial statements from 2008 to date. The financial statements are intended as follows:

accounting document

It derives from the aggregation of the financial statements of our companies, net of the values relating to intra-group transactions.

for the year
financial document

It is mandatory to fully, truthfully and correctly represent the financial position of the company and the economic result for the year

2019 Consolidated financial statements

The report addresses - in line with the strategic and binding lines decided by the Shareholders' Meeting of 18 May 2018 - the CAP Group actions carried out in the 2019 reference year for the three areas of intervention identified, in compliance with the vision indicated by the common shareholders at the meeting of 26 June 2015, and in particular: environment, customers and network. At the same time, it integrates the objectives of the Sustainability Plan approved in 2019, which has become the reference point for the Group's strategies with its three pillars: sensitive to people's needs in order to increase the well-being and trust of increasingly aware and demanding communities; resilient assets, governance and management to protect an essential asset for life; innovators in the market, anticipating rules and nurturing our ability to network

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