Fibre optics

We have completed the fibre optic network ring in collaboration with the Metropolitan City of Milan. The infrastructure spans the entire Milanese territory and has over 2,500 km of the latest generation of fibre, available mainly to the public administration and which, flanked by the BUL network, makes the metropolitan city one of the most wired territories in Europe.

Thanks to ultra-broadband, a vector of excellence also for the development of 5G, the territory becomes a strategic asset for the development of all local and national activities.


  • Provide an optimal and fast response to user traffic requests through a dynamic and “smart” network, entirely in optics;
  • enhance infrastructure resources (provincial roads, sewage infrastructure, etc.) and shareholdings (joint-stock companies, consortium companies and consortia); formalise memoranda of understanding with municipalities and investee companies for the creation of technical synergies and the mutual sharing and extension of thematic infrastructures;
  • drive the digitisation of services towards high-performance and resilient infrastructures;
  • establish an optic network to monitor all events related to the infrastructure resources intended to house the cable ducts, with significant benefits in terms of control, maintenance, management and the prevention of any vandalism;
  • contain the network implementation costs and its efficiency in terms of capacity and speed, thanks to the creation of a proprietary infrastructure for the massive use of data, even in extreme conditions.

SINFI - Access and regulations

In light of the establishment of the SINFI (Federated National Information System of Infrastructures) managed by the Ministry of Economic Development, which shares all the information related to the infrastructures present in the territory to allow speeding up the development of ultra-broadband networks, the CAP Group makes its sewer network infrastructures in the Metropolitan City of Milan available to all telecommunications operators in order to develop the fibre-optic network in the territory, also participating in the calls for tenders published by Infratel Italia SpA.

Access to infrastructure is subject to compliance with specific rules and conditions necessary to safeguard the efficiency and continuity of the public sewage collection service, as well as to ensure the prevention of risks and the safety of workers.

Access conditions

The CAP Group has developed the regulations and general conditions for the right of access to sewage infrastructure (understood as a physical infrastructure pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 33/2016) to regulate relations with telecommunications operators who intend to develop a fibre-optic network using this infrastructure; the technical regulations are an integral part of these conditions.

The telecommunications operators to which the general access conditions apply are:

  • subjects with the requisites set forth in the Infratel Italia Spa call and which intend to participate in the aforementioned call;
  • legal entities with the authorisation for the provision of telecommunications networks and services provided for in art. 25 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 259/2003, with a share capital greater than 10 million euros and which have carried out, in the last five years, at least one transfer of fibre-optic infrastructure and/or maintenance of fibre-optic networks.

Telecommunications operators who intend to access our sewer network must:

  • accept the general conditions of access to the Sewage Infrastructure by signing and sending the Acceptance form of the general conditions found below via certified email to For more information, write to the same address. After having checked that the operators meet the subjective requirements, we will communicate, again through certified email, the outcome of the same;
  • if the result is positive, the telecommunications operator must send the request for access, tracing the routes on the sewer network map according to the procedure in Chap. 7 of the Technical-economic regulations for access to the sewage infrastructure;
  • operators who do not have all the requisites may still request access to the physical infrastructure, as defined by art. 2, paragraph 1, letter d of Italian Legislative Decree no. 33/2016. Access will be subject to compliance with the safety rules for the sewer network indicated by CAP Group.