The project

For some time now, we have been developing circular economy projects for the Metropolitan City of Milan that allow us to recover waste materials from production processes for reuse as precious raw materials.

The sand extracted from the treatment process of the Robecco sul Naviglio plant is usually disposed of in landfills, with rather high costs. The Metropolitan City of Milan has given the CAP Group approval to recover this material, the first authorisation in Italy with the new End of Waste law.

The recovery and reuse involves 2,532 tons of sand (about 9.8 tons per day) coming from both “sandblasting waste”, which derives from the sewage treatment cycle, and from “waste generated by the cleaning of waste water”, the result of maintenance work on drains and manholes carried out in the municipalities of the territory.

Thanks to a special system specifically installed inside the treatment plant, the sand is treated and disinfected through a particular organic waste separation process called the “Coanda effect”, and then used in the company's worksites, for laying beds in the renovation and reinforcement of sewer and aqueduct pipes.